Below you'll find answers to questions we get asked the most.

Forget complicated pricing. Our pricing is simple, but customized to fit your needs. Our team will help you pick which products you need, then we will help you identify how many subscriptions and who in your company would be using those subscriptions. On average, for every $1 that you will spend on your BOLT Software subscription, we believe we can show you how to receive a $23 return on that investment. 

Get this…we’ve estimated that builders typically communicate scheduling information using 5 to 15 sources, such as text, email, phone, fax, exclusive scheduling systems, etc. BOLT Software is constantly evolving into a highly integrated system, and we have integrations in place to help automate the data entry process, regardless of the source of the data.

Sure thing! Any status changes, pictures, notes and more that are made in the field instantly update what you see from your mobile app and office computer.

Yes! BOLT even works without internet access for those pesky communities that have no cell coverage. 

The same way we handle implementation for a small team, very carefully! In all seriousness, some larger teams require a tiered rollout over a few weeks or months. We’ve rolled out teams of 2, and teams of 500+. Been there, done that.

Do you get purchase orders and schedule dates sent to you from a residential builder? If so, you’re probably wondering how to handle a high volume of constantly changing schedule dates, chasing inaccurate purchase orders around the office, and wondering what you have to do to stop wasting trips to the jobsite. If that’s you, we can help you add up to $100 of profit and revenue to each job you do with just a few features in BOLT Software.

BOLT Software is hosted way up in the clouds on the AWS infrastructure. It’s hosted securely in the same way that companies like Dow Jones, Netflix, and McDonalds host their data.

Do you have a smartphone? Then that’s all you need! Sometimes, if you want to view plans and documents in the field, it may be easier to view them from a tablet like an iPad.

How fast do you want to get up and running? Typically, we can implement and train your team in a 2-4 week period.

Yes! There are many ways to mold BOLT Software in order to fit your current processes. We would be happy to show you how.

Nope. It’s hard enough managing a high volume constantly changing schedule…imagine trying to track time on top of that and job cost the hours back to the correct job! We have integrated time tracking directly into our scheduling system!

It’s simple! Just let us know that you don’t need estimating! We will help you look into our other solutions. 

At this time, it does not because we have built it to be so simple, that anyone can learn to use it in just a few minutes.