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What’s the best way to stay updated on the latest trends in the construction industry? By making sure that you’re following top researchers who are constantly learning and putting their findings out there. To help you save time, we’ve consolidated a list of construction blogs for every industry out there! HVAC, Plumbing, Roofing, Flooring, Electrical, Drywall… we’ve got ’em all.

Blogs for the Drywall Industry
  • Drywall talk has both a forum AND a blog, perfect for drywall contractors, home-owners, and those who are curious. You’re bound to gather some nuggets of information from here!
  • Bill’s Drywall Inc’s blog is a haven for home-owners and even renters! We love this blog because it’s hard for us to find renter friendly resources. From what’s causing your leaks to whether you should use nails on your wall and why the size of your wall matters, this blog has it all and we’d like to sincerely thank Bill’s Drywall for it.
Blogs for the Electrical Industry 
  • Electrical Contractor has a blog that talks about everything from research done on the usage of electricity during COVID-19 to the push towards green energy and latest trends that will be popping up in the industry. A great blog for both those working in the industry and home-owners/builders looking into learning more about trends such as green energy, energy efficiency, and even new rules that will affect your crews.
  • L&M Electric is another company that features a fantastic blog on their website. You can learn about things like what appliances are making your breaker trip, to how to upgrade your electrical system. While this blog is mostly geared towards home-owners, the fun graphics and easy-to-read format makes it a must-read for everyone!
Blogs for the Flooring Industry
  • Floor Trends’s blog is the biggest resource of commercial and residential trends, practices, and installation tips. Videos, podcasts, posts, polls… you name it, they’ve got it!
  • Pro! Flooring know’s its’ audience and gives them what they want! From flooring diy’s for home-owners to choosing which flooring design to use to complement various designs for flooring designers, Pro! flooring is sure to have you excited about changing up your floor.
Blogs for the HVAC Industry
  • BOLT Software (shameless plug) has the most updated blog in the construction industry. Articles range from working remote and managing your crew, to applications that can help you avoid problems like dry-runs and propel your company to the 21st century. We might be biased, but we think BOLT has a pretty awesome construction blog!
  • Temperature Pro is another great resource for those looking to learn more about detailed HVAC problems. It’s geared towards home-owners but that doesn’t mean those in the industry can’t pick up some knowledge from it!
Blogs for the Roofing Industry
  • MK Custom Roofing’s blog is a wonderful way for any home-owner to learn more about what’s on top of their head. The roof may not be their son, but this company sure does raise it- and the roofing standards!
Blogs for the Plumbing Industry
  • Bergsma Plumbing has the most robust plumbing blog we’ve seen- and we did hours of research! Do you know how many years your water heater lasts? What is a sump pump? We don’t know but Bergsma Plumbing sure does. From residential to commercial, all your questions are bound to have an answer here. 
Other Blogs 
  • Construction Dive has a blog that is near and dear to our hearts. They talk about the important non industry-specific topics that we wish we could hear more about from construction blogs. Where else would you read about topics like suicide prevention in the construction industry? 
  • Construction Executive is a blog geared towards company executives and owners, but it won our Partner’s hearts with their articles on how to keep your work-force safe in tough times like the raging heat and during COVID. They even highlighted students who were participating in a Construction Management Competition last month. How cool is that?

Whether you’re a contractor trying to learn more about your industry, or a home-owner trying to do a quick diy, these blogs are exactly what you need. And don’t forget to check to check out BOLT Software’s very own blog and podcasts, who know what nuggets of wisdom you might find there!





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