About Us

The BOLT Software Story

Before BOLT Software existed, our owners had celebrated 40 years of achievement in contracting.

We realized however that technology was changing our landscape. We could no longer justify chasing papers to find our work orders, scheduling our crews on paper, and making extra trips back and forth from the job site. We had to adapt, or die.

Originally we created BOLT Software to manage all aspects of our contracting business. It allowed us to become an industry leader in our community because it helped plan our jobs, communicate as a company, and execute efficiently.

As we talked shop around our industry friends, they told us they needed help in the exact same areas, and they wanted it mobile in the palm of their hands…and that is where and why BOLT Software Technologies was created. To serve contractors by helping them plan, communicate, and execute with today’s technology.

To learn how BOLT Software can help transform your new home construction business, contact us today.